Planting Jubilee Wood

Starting afresh after the storm

Boosie plantation was home to several non-native conifer plantations, nestled among native broadleaf woodland. It was also overgrown, overcrowded, and put many of our homes in permanent shadow. While the need to thin it out was never disputed, storm Arwen took matters into her own hands and felled most of it for us.

This required us to pull forward felling to clear the site and consider next steps.  

Replantation is important. Undoubtedly, the most beneficial reason for replanting is natural carbon storage, and with global warming at the front of everyone’s minds, tree planting is more critical than ever.   Did you know, carbon makes up 50% of a trees dry mass? Dry mass being the trunk, root system and branches. Young trees remove approximately 5.9kg of Co2 per year.  Besides this, new woodland creates a new habitat for wildlife, and new places for our community and visitors to walk and enjoy.

The Queen’s Green canopy initiative encouraged everyone to plant a tree to mark her platinum jubilee, to create a lasting and physical memory and symbolises her long reign on the throne.

So, on the 25th of March our community got together, young and old with spades and wellies to plant a mixture of broadleaves such as oak, rowan and larch. 

The weather was kind, we all got muddy and in true community spirit – we all got our hands dirty.

In years to come, we will all have the satisfaction of seeing these beautiful trees start to shape the landscape, but the true benefit will be seen by our children’s children!