Since round 2 in June, the roadmap for coming out of lockdown has been updated; you can find details on the link below. From the phasing some of you have already returned to employment, for others, this will be mid-July onwards.  Please take time to read the roadmap to see how the changes impact on you/your family and whether you still qualify to apply for support.

ROUND 3 COVID-19: In the context of the new indicative dates in the route-map, please update us of changes in your household; the fund is still able to support those who qualify but we expect applicants to decrease this month as more return to employment or are able to receive state support.

FLOODED HOUSEHOLDS: Those who remain displaced can continue to apply for energy contributions until they are able to return to their homes/insurance claims have been concluded.

HEALTH & WELLBEING SUPPORT: The Hardship Fund is helping support Rock UK to provide activities for our children in the coming weeks. Activity guidelines are unclear as we write so it isn’t possible to say what will be offered; likely to be an activity day program commencing from July 13th running over a few weeks. As soon as appropriate guidelines are known the swimming pool will also re-open. Watch out for information on social media pages and posters. Demand for these facilities will be high, please respond quickly when information is available, so everyone has a chance to use the facilities over the summer period. Much planning and resources need to be put in place to ensure everyone’s safety.  Watch out for posts and posters.

If you wish to apply for the July fund please complete the application form which will be emailed to existing applicants, if you would like to apply please check the details the fund and ask the team for a form.