PRESS RELEASE 20 November 2023

Newcastleton and District Community Trust is just about to carry out another vital phase of its community consultation programme.

At this stage, the Trust is seeking feedback from residents on community plans to deliver the active leisure programme on Holm Hill, land which was acquired by the community in 2020.

As part of a wider remit, Newcastleton and District Community Trust invests in local regeneration projects on behalf of the community to improve facilities locally, increasing social opportunity and widening the economic infrastructure base.

The initial consultation provided valuable feedback which led to expert surveys being commissioned to further develop the detail of these plans. The full results will be shared with the community from Thursday 23rd November until Saturday 25th November. Locals are invited to comment and provide feedback for the next phase of the plans, prior to them being submitted for formal approval.

Whilst this project will support Newcastleton’s circular economy to generate increased tourism income, it is primarily about providing enhanced social assets for the community. The team are keen to stress the wealth of spectacular panoramic views and rolling hills which offer amazing opportunities for walking, horse riding and cycling. The aim of the Trust is to make it easier to access these assets and to capitalise on remote rural tourism, and in doing so, to generate increased wealth for the community.

Within the development proposals, careful consideration has been placed on heritage and biodiversity. The final Forest Management Plan and planting at Coulter Syke will also be shared as well as the new community garden space which will provide a reflective space that everyone can enjoy.

Archaeological surveys provide some interesting findings, and if there is support, it is hoped that these can be maximized to create new walks which will showcase local heritage. The Trust hopes to refresh the viewpoint from Lord Walter’s seat which will be enhanced and include off-road parking spaces, enabling walkers and riders to stop and take time to sit and absorb the valley as well as provide panoramic views of the village. White Gate, as this place is known locally, is part of a new project aimed at capturing local knowledge and traditions. It is hoped that this stimulates a dialogue and that many more facets of local culture and heritage will be captured for future generations.

Vicky Hawes, NDCT Development Officer said:
“This community consultation is vitally important because the land belongs to everyone, and we want to hear everyone’s views. As well as being used to refine our proposals, this consultation will hopefully also result in new information being incorporated too.

Land, how it is used and our relationship with Holm Hill is crucial to the village. It is our responsibility to ensure that if we change it, it is for the better and for the whole community’s gain. We look forward to hearing the feedback and moving onto the next stage.

Our overall vision is clear, we seek to utilise our natural capital to drive a circular economy, creating a better, more sustainable life for future generations.”

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