Limited in-person seating @ Buccleuch House, 4 South Hermitage Street, Newcastleton, to register email We are also delighted to welcome anyone digitally, please register using this link to secure your place.

The meeting will start promptly at 7pm, please join from 6:45pm

PART 1 : 7 pm

  1. Introduction & Apologies
  2. Guest Speaker Peter Wilson, Director, Mass Timber Academy:

Building back Rural, why rural communities need Factory to the Forest

NDCT has been working with Peter to deliver his sustainable solution to the rural housing crisis, Factory to the Forest. This will enable remote rural communities to fully exploit their resources, using new manufacturing modules to produce building materials locally sourced for housing and regeneration. These new innovative methods will reduce the cost of rural development making it more affordable for everyone living remotely, provide new opportunities to create skilled employment, reduce construction sector carbon emissions, and provide the community with the opportunity to become a circular economy.

Too good to be true? Join the session to find out more about the project and what it might do for Newcastleton and other remote rural communities like ours.

PART 2 : 8 pm, recommence after 10 min break

Formal actions for NDCT AGM
1. Officers Reports: Chair, Secretary & Treasurer, any questions arising
2. Call for new Trustees & Supporters
3. Open Questions
4. Any other business

CLOSE 8:30pm