Newcastleton Community Council:

The Community Council normally meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the village hall supper room.  All are welcome to attend.

Date of next meeting is Tuesday September 13th 2022, 7pm

Members and roles are:

  1. Iain Crosbie, Chair
  2. Lyndsay Patterson, Vice Chair, Signatory
  3. Barbara Elborn, Secretary & Treasurer
  4. Keith Brough, Signatory & CCTV
  5. James Lewis, Member
  6. Marcus Day, Member
  7. Robert Irwin, Member
  8. Ian Nichol, Member
  9. Watson McAteer, Councillor 
  10. Jane Cox, Councillor
  11. Annette Smart, Councillor

Residents with any issues they would like discussed at the monthly meetings are encouraged to contact 7 days prior to the meeting for items to be included on the agenda



Newcastleton & District Community Council

Minutes & Correspondence

Newcastleton & District Community Councillors

Position Name Email
Barbara Elborn Member secretary@newcastletoncommunitytru
Margaret Elliot Member
Lyndsay Paterson Member
James Lewis Member
Ian Nichol Member
Rob Irwin Member
Keith Brough Member
Marcus Day Member
Scott Wilson Member
Ashley Thompson Member
Iain Crosbie Member

Cllr Jane Cox SBC member
Cllr Watson McAteer SBC Member
Cllr Annette Smart SBC Member